Our Story

Telos (Greek τέλος): noun

  1. The ultimate aim, goal, intention and/or purpose

  2. The end term of a goal-directed process

Telos was first studied by the Ancient Greeks in Teleology, or the study of Purposiveness, to further understand human conduct. Intentional action is a driving force to make meaningful changes in our lives and is a powerful contributor toward obtaining personal goals. The name of our practice aligns with our vision to help the community achieve their ultimate health goals and improve their life experiences through Chiropractic wellness.

Our Mission 
& Vision

Telos Chiropractic believes in providing "Quality service for people who care".  Click below to learn about our "Telos" for the clinic through our Mission/ Vision.

Meet The Doctor

Click below to learn more about  Dr. Michael B. Chiapetto DC, MSc